Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

my new pole goal

This is my new goal. Some of you saw the link I posted last week to video of Pantera upside down on the pole, holding on, and walking a circle around the pole on the ceiling! I won't rest until I can do that. The first step is to learn the upside down hand hold (with no legs holding on) pictured below the cut. Just my luck, none of the other pole dancers/instructors I know, knows how to do this. Even my coach, who can do pretty much everything, doesn't do this one trick.

Here is is with one extra hand holding on:

This is almost it. But I want to learn the other version, which is hand over the head (toward the floor).

Here is the correct version, and a great view of it. The key seems to be to lean away from the pole, so that they bent arm stabalizes you. So far I have only been able to attempt this with my body up against the pole. This doesn't work at all and I slide straight down. Clearly I need to lean away from the pole to take some of the weight off the one hand that is holding on and distribute it more toward the arm that is hooked on the pole. And I need a spotter to attempt this:

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