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Here I go!'s really happening!

I called the pole dancing school down in LA today and WE ARE A GO!!!!

Slight set back though. Classes start the 28th of October. Way sooner than I anticipated. I can still catch the very last session of the 1st class on Monday November 3rd. But seedmoon's party is Friday October 31st - leaving very little time for the drive down to Los Angeles.

Now some might say: This is your dream. Skip the party and start driving down on Friday so you can make that Monday class. But so many people I know will be at that party that it will feel like a going away celebration of sorts for me. I want to be with those people and celebrate together and commune and party and snuggle and hug them all goodbye. What a wonderful send-off that will be right before I venture out into the world to take on my dream. But then I will have to drive like a maniac for 10 hours at a time to get there in two days.

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