Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Went a little crazy at Victoria's Secret

Oh no, you did not spend $93.57 at Victoria's Secret last night! *head*desk* Oh well, might as well share the joy. $18 of it was rhinestone bra straps. So if you're wearing a black dress in which your bra straps show, you can dress it up a bit by having those rhinestone straps peeking out.

But the real catch was this gorgeous knit tank top with sparkly black beading. The straps are totally adjustable and when I got it home I figured out I could drop the straps so low that that the top dropped all the way below my bra. Wearing it this way with PVC bra transformed it from a tank top to a very saucy little dress that I can wear to fetish events (there's a picture of me wearing it like this below the cut). Please note I would only wear it this way to fetish club or event, I don't run around the clubs normally wearing only a net. But there are certainly a few events in Seattle where a little net dress are appropriate and the norm. So given the versatility of this little top, I'd say it was well worth the $68 I paid for it, don't you think?

Here it is as a tank top (to wear over a different color solid tank top) or as lingerie:

Check out the black sparkly beads on this part:

This is how I turned the top into a dress for fetish events:

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