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socks and cat

Since you all wanted to see it

Per my previous post regarding the gal who can flip upside down on the pole, plant her feet on the ceiling and walk a circle around the pole on the ceiling...here is the video of her actually doing that: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TaI54RLsfV4

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Video is approximately 4 minutes long. I'd say it's work safe just because it's so dark and grainy and small (and she's wearing a bikini type outfit).


Can you?
See my previous post for the answer to that. ;)
uhm. WOW.

awesome poletricks!

amazing strength to pull some of those moves off!

Re: awesome poletricks!

She's a very strong girl.


That is ill. Hanging on things seems so relaxing.
Thank GAWD you are much more graceful than that. It kinda pained me to watch her. Sorry, had to say it.
Wow. Okay, but wait...when have you seen me pole dance? And you have interent again? Yay!
I've seen you dance at the Vogue many times. Also a bit at Noc Noc, and a bit in your bedroom! I know it is kinda rude to put it bluntly like I did, but she just didn't make it look like an art form the way you do.

I have internet for the time being--let's hope it lasts! It has been so wonky lately!
I've seen you at the Fenix once too!