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new pole trick combination

Finally having time in my schedule to attend the pole dancing competitions at Fenix Underground may be the best thing that ever happened to my own pole dancing. By watching those girls, taking notes, and sometimes taking pictures, I can learn all kinds of new tricks or things to add to the tricks I already know. Excellent case and point below the cut.

The many pole trick pics below the cut are stills from AVI video and are a combination of myself and a gal from the competition. Basically I took moves I already knew and added what she did to it, into a fabulous trick combination. I executed it all for the first time last night and I loved it so much that I practiced it over and over. Can't wait to show it off!


It starts with climbing the pole and sitting, which looks something like this (minus the cute kitty).

Then with one hand I grab the pole above my head and with the other hand I grab the pole under my rear and then do a leg splay that looks like this.

After the leg splay, I start to bring my legs together.

Start to cross them over.

Once my legs are crossed, I am secure on the pole and I can...

...flip over backwards.

So here is the girl at the pole competition doing the same trick, flipped backward.

But then she leans on the pole with one hand and gently glides her other hand down her body.
Very pretty move, and I found it pretty easy to execute. Yay!

Then she slowly slides down onto her shoulders.

Lands on her shoulers, brings her knees to her ears and then...

...leg splay!

Then she does this cool thing where she clicks her heels together twice as she rotates her body over.

This is where she and I do the rest of the trick differently.
She rises up like she's sitting up.

Instead, I will go into a "goddess" position like this into a "goddess rising" in which my back stays arched as I rise up leading with my chest. It's a pretty move.

With one fluid movement I swivel up onto my knees and up into a backward "half pint".

As you can see, this is a backwards spin.

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Now if I could ever get that situation with video worked out, I could post actual video of me doing the entire combination. But I have yet to find a site that will let me upload Windows Movie Maker files. won't upload them. MySpace won't do it either. Neither will comcast. And I have yet to find reasonably priced software that will convert Windows Movie Maker files to a file format you can upload. Still looking for an AVI editor that won't convert the video into a format that no website can upload.

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