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Feels good to remember this

So my boss calls to ask if I have scheduled interviews for one of the field positions. I told him I have called all 20 candidates and proceed to give him the details. Then I tell him about one particularly enthusiastic gentleman. He's gone above and beyond all the applicants by doing the following:

1. He's the only one who called first (before I called all the qualified applicants) asking for the status of application.

2. He's the only long distance applicant who opted to pay his own travel expenses to interview in person (rather than a phone interview like the others).

3. He was professional but still friendly. He actually schmoozed me! You know, "That's a pretty name, very unusual. Where did your parents get it?"

Basically he showed enthusiasm, personability, professionalism and serious interest. His schmoozing showed that he knows how to engage people and make a lasting impression. It also shows how comfortable he is with people he doesn't know.

After I passed all this on to my boss, he told me how good it is to have some one like me who can read people and help like that. He asked if I would be here next week to help with the interviews. He is definitely sorry to see me go and wants to take me to lunch one more time before my time here ends at the end of October.

I had forgotten that I have some pretty decent people skills. I had forgotten that I can be intuitive with people. And I most certainly forgot what it's like to be appreciated for those skills. It is a simple fact: I NEED TO WORK WITH PEOPLE. The public if possible. I need people to thrive, not paperwork.

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