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You MUST be kidding!!!!

I just got a call from my temp agency saying that my office's human resources office in San Francisco has notified them that they are pushing back my termination date to October 31st. No doubt the new hire wants to wait until November to start.


So that's it. Without leaving this job I somehow have to find a way to get myself prepared for Los Angeles AND see friends that I've been putting off seeing until I'm unemployed again. And for god's sake people, working cuts into my snuggle time!!!!!!

To do before I leave for LA (and that trip is still tentative).

1. Work out every other day (need some muscle tone for the pole work).
2. Finish unpacking (I'm so ALMOST done!)
3. Eat more protein (again, need to build muscle for my trip)

Trying to both see friends AND work out in the evenings is challenging. It seems like I have time to do one or the other. But I can't do both in one night after I get off work. And I can't believe I have to work on Halloween. Halloween is my favorite day of the year! Good god that sucks!!!!

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