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Last night I attended the first evening of a six week workshop based some of Neale Donald Walsch's books. The workshop is hosted in one of the spare rooms at the Seattle Unity church (not to be confused with Unitarian). From what I know of it, Unity is sort of a sister or cousin faith to the one practiced at Center For Spiritual Living where I've been attending and studying for about 6 years. In fact, people often cross over and change from one center to the other. But I had never set foot in Unity before.

As I waited for the workshop to start, I walked into the Sanctuary. The color theme was mostly purple (because it's a spiritual color) with some yellow accents on the stained glass windows. But what really moved me was what was on display along the walls of the sanctuary. There was a small alter and a prayer posted (above each alter) for the following faiths:

Native American
Native African

I think there were a few more that I didn't catch. At Center For Spiritual Living we have the symbols up for many of these faiths in our Sanctuary. And we study and apply principals from most of these faiths into our daily lives. But there's something more tangible and meaningful about seeing actual sacred items from each of these as well as a beautifully framed prayer. I could totally see myself doing a commitment ceremony or wedding in that Unity Sanctuary. I love the feeling of having so many faiths represented there and the beauty of the purple and yellow stained glass windows. And if I can get a camera that can capture text (mine doesn't do that so well) I'd like a picture of each of the alters.

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