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socks and cat

What I want for my birthday

So if you live in Seattle and you're computer hardware savy and you're wondering what to get me for my birthday today...it's your lucky day! Heh. :) Well, not my lucky day technically as my poor little computer is crippled. The virtual memory is so low it is no longer able to do internet or play music. And trying to do Pole For The Soul business stuff on it is pretty challenging too. I can't even open a document without walking away for about 5 minutes while my computer struggles to open it.

A virtual gift certificate posted in comment for one free RAM installation (I'll buy the RAM, you install) is what I'd like for my special day. At least I assume RAM is what I'm looking for. Is that what I'm supposed to buy when my computer is out of memory?


I can do that for you :) Easy!
But you don't have a car! I think I need some one who can actually get up to Queen Anne Hill.
Tell you what... if no one else can do it for you by this afternoon, I'll volunteer to come up there on the bus and do it myself. It's not an inconvenience at all, because you actually live fairly close by :)
Woah! This afternoon would rock, if I had the RAM. I gotta buy some this weekend. :)
http://www.computerstop.com is a good place to get RAM... they're also very close by (right up on Aurora). I've bought a lot of computer stuff from them, and never once had a problem :)
Happy Birthday K!
Thank you!
Happy Birthday!
Yay thank you!
Happy birthday!!!
w00t! Thanky!
Happy Birthday!
And with a birthday icon too. That rocks! Thank you!
Happy Birthday!
Thank you! :)

Speaking of ADD...

I meant to give you a card last night and didn't. So, happy birthday here, and card later.
i can help if you like... do you know what RAM you need? it can be pretty confusing these days. it can also be cheaper and more convenient to buy it online.

Happy, Happy Birthday
Thank you!
So sorry! I was out of town! Happy Birthday!